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-===== Adad-nirari V =====+Return to [[Rulers of Assyria]]\[[rulers_of_babylon_in_the_first_millennium_bc]]\[[biographies|Biographies]] 
 +===== Aššur-nirari V =====
-Click [[http://​cdli.ucla.edu/​search/​search_results.php?​SearchMode=Text&​requestFrom=Search&​DatesReferenced=Adad-nerari5|here]] for all texts dated to Adad-nirari V 
-(return to [[Rulers of Assyria]]) +Click [[http://​cdli.ucla.edu/​search/​search_results.php?​SearchMode=Text&​requestFrom=Search&​DatesReferenced=Assur-nerari5|here]] for all texts dated to Assur-nirari V 
-(return ​to [[Rulers of Mesopotamia]])+ 
 +Return ​to [[Rulers of Assyria]]\[[rulers_of_babylon_in_the_first_millennium_bc]]\[[biographies|Biographies]] 
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