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 =====Legal Texts===== =====Legal Texts=====
-[[Contracts]]\\+Introduction to go here. 
 +====Business Affairs====
-[[Loan ​documents]]\\+[[Purchase and sale Contracts]]\\ 
 +[[Lease Contacts]]\\ 
 +[[Loan ​Contracts]]\\ 
 +[[Manumission of slaves]]\\ 
 +[[Hire Contracts]]\\ 
 +[[Partnership Contracts]]\\ 
 +====Family Affairs==== 
 +[[Marriage Documents]]\\ 
 +[[Divorce Documents]]\\ 
 +[[Inheritance Documents]]\\ 
 +[[Adoption Documents]]\\ 
 +[[Dowries and other gifts]]\\ 
 +====Judicial Documents==== 
 +[[Verdicts (including di-til-la)]]\\ 
 +[[Court and Private Summons]]\\ 
 +[[Sworn Testimonies]]
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