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Brief notes on Lagash II chronology

The allocation of year names listed here is based on the suggestions of Sigrist & Damerow. However, it is important to note that there is a high level of uncertainty in the allocation of many of the Lagash II year names to specific rulers.

The sequence of the rulers of Lagash II is also uncertain (for discussion, see Lafont, 1993, BiOr 50, pp. 675-681). Edzard (1997, RIME 3/1, p. 3) adopts the following sequence based on the discussion by Maeda on ASJ 10, 33 (=BM 18474) (ASJ 10, (1988), pp. 19-35).

  • Ur-Ningirsu I
  • Pirigme
  • Lu-Baba
  • Lu-gula
  • Ka-ku
  • Ur-Baba
  • Gudea
  • Ur-Ningirsu II
  • Ur-gar
  • Ur-abba
  • Ur-Mama
  • Nammahni

There is also discussion about the extent of the overlap between Lagash II and Ur III (see, for example, Steinkeller 1988, JCS 40, pp. 47-53 and Widell, CDLJ 2004:2 with its references to earlier literature. See also, recently, the volume under the direction of W. Sallaberger and I. Schrakamp, History & Philology, ARCANE 3, 2014).

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