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compositions with a historical background

The objective here is to provide links to the CDLI catalogue sources for the literary works given by ETCSL. The notes also tie the etcsl catalogue numbers to the corresponding Q-catalogue numbers (used in CDLI as composite id's). In principle, the etcsl web-pages list the cuneiform sources for each of the literary works considered. However, in practice, there are sometimes difficulties in relating the sources listed by etcsl to those in the CDLI catalogue and so notes are included considering some of these difficulties. Peterson's study of sumerian literary fragments (BPOA 9) post-dates ETCSL and adds a lot of new information.

click here for etcsl catalogue of available compositions and translations

etcsl 2.1.1 = Q000371: Sumerian king list

Etcsl includes the fragments Ist Ni 9712a-c twice, firstly as part of the same tablet as CBS 14223 & CBS 13981 and, secondly, joined to CBS 14220 (Vincente proposes the latter, whereas CDLI currently has the former). UCBC 9-1819 listed by etcsl is given in CDLI as HMA 9-01819. UET 6 *263 = UET 6/3, 504; also etcsl omits UET 6/3, 505. It is worth noting that most of the sources for etcsl literary texts originate from Nippur and, to a lesser extent, from Ur, where the sources for the Sumerian king list are much more scattered. Peterson adds N 1610 + N 5166; and joins N 6512 to CBS 14223+.

etcsl 2.1.2 = Q000372: Rulers of Lagash

etcsl 2.1.3 = Q000373: Reconstruction of the Tummal

ETCSL lists the tablet, CBS 10471 = PBS 5, 7, three times. The first time, PBS 5, 7 is mistakenly listed as CBS 6050 (=PBS 5, 107) and the third time it is assumed to be an N-series tablet. And UM 29-16-139 is listed twice. Further, UM29-13-20 is joined to UM 29-13-24 (not 29), which can be confirmed from the photo. In CDLI: HS 1454 is joined to HS 1504; and Ist Ni 4574 is joined to CBS 7848 + CBS 7856.

etcsl 2.1.4 = Q000374: Sargon and Ur-Zababa

etcsl 2.1.5 = Q000375: The cursing of Agade

The CDLI photo shows a join between CBS 7805 and UM 29-13-92, and (following Cooper p.69) CDLI includes a join with Ist Ni 4008; these joins are omitted by etcsl, however, etcsl suggests a quasi-join between CBS 7805 and N 2574, which is not noted by CDLI. CDLI lists CBS 7858 as part of CBS 7820+ (following Cooper p.68, and photo). [It is not clear whether etcsl intends CBS 7856 to be included in the listing.] Etcsl lists N 1346 (+) N 1546, where the CDLI photo shows N 1346 + N 1546 + N 1571 + N 1596 (with actual joins, not quasi-joins). Etcsl lists N 2574 twice. The CDLI photo shows a join between N 4161 & N 4201. CDLI includes a quasi-join between N 3473 and N 6273. In the CDLI photo, N 1344 is joined to N 7289. UET 6/3, *176 = UET 6/3, 506; etcsl omits UET 6/3, 507. In etcsl, it should be UM 29-13-576 + N 1830 (not 1380). Also in etcsl, YBS should be YBC. Peterson adds 3N-T900,13, N 1342A, N 2753, N 5701, N 6576; and joins N 1902 to CBS 8137+, N 6284 to N 6274+, and N 7395 to CBS 15076. Attinger (on-line 2.1.5) adds NBC 11119, VAT 21574, Ist Ni 9882 & Ist Ni 9953.

etcsl 2.1.6 = Q000376: The victory of Utu-hegal

etcsl 2.1.7 = Q000377: The building of Ningirsu's temple

etcsl 2.2.2 = Q000379: Lament for Ur

There are numerous issues arising from this list of texts concerned with joins which are evident from the CDLI photos but not noted in etcsl; these will not be listed here explicitly. Etcsl includes CBS 9316 as part of CBS 3878, but the former is a piece of ED IIIb vase and should be CBS 3916. Etcsl lists CBS 13630 as part of CBS 13593, but this is part of a lexical tablet (CBS 13573+) and should probably be CBS 13638. At this stage, CDLI does not include joins between CBS 15179 and the HS fragments. There is an error in the CBS number given for OIP 16, 18. The etcsl list suggests that N 3621 = N 4253?, however, it is evident from the CDLI photos that these are different fragments. UM 29-16-244 is included by etcsl but in CDLI this is listed as a Middle Babylonian tablet of temple offerings. CDLI also includes N 2205 and Ist Ni 9455. Peterson adds N 893, N 3198, N 3536, N 4143, N 6552; and joins N 7475 to N 3752, N 7927 to CBS 6889+, N 2757 to CBS 7080+; and quasi-joins CBS 2329 to CBS 2191.

etcsl 2.2.3 = Q000380: Lament for Sumer and Ur

In this case, the interpretation of the etcsl list of texts was relatively straightforward. CDLI includes a number of joins and quasi-joins which are not shown in the etcsl list and there was the usual need to convert from provisional to published UET 6/3 numbers. Peterson adds N 3060 + N 4303, N 5092, N 7557; and joins N 1744 to N 1735+, N 3178 to CBS 15178+, N 6711 to N 1775+, and N 2363 to N 2624+. Peterson (UF 42, 573f) lists N 7322 as part of CBS 15136+ (Nanna C).

etcsl 2.2.4 = Q000381: Lament for Nippur

This case was made more complex because the etcsl list of cuneiform sources contained both a list of tablets and a list of tablets associated with lines of the text. A substantial number of tablets were listed twice (i.e. once in each list) whilst others were just given once. In cases where tablets were listed twice then the associated joined fragments sometimes differed between the lists. Etcsl lists "Ni 720 (SRT 50)", but SRT 50 is actually Ni 1583. In CDLI, the fragment N 6392 is joined to UM 29-16-549. The CDLI list includes the additional pieces N 1350 and CBS 12660. Peterson makes a number of additions and joins of fragments. Attinger (on-line 2.2.4) adds N 6886.

etcsl 2.2.5 = Q000382: Lament for Uruk

In addition to the etcsl texts, CDLI also lists UET 6/3, 517 and possibly N 3656. There is a potential difficulty that the small flake, N 3345, is given by Green (JAOS 104, 265) as Lament for Uruk; the CDLI photo shows this joined to N 3277 and quasi-joined to UM 29-16-32. UM 29-16-32 is listed as Inanna and Ebih. Further, etcsl lists N 3277 as Lament for Eridu. This may lead to a questioning of the quasi-join and to a questioning of the lament on N 3277 + N 3345. Peterson makes a number of additions and joins of fragments.

etcsl 2.2.6 = Q000383: Lament for Eridu

See previous note on N 3277. CDLI shows a join between CBS 11086 and HS 1455; also a quasi-join between Ist Ni 4013 and Ist Ni 4430. Peterson adds the bilingual fragment CBS 1684.

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