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Official Texts

Period Chronological Range Royal Inscription Votive texts Annals Standard inscription Chronicles Autobiographies
Pre-Writing ca. 8500-3500 BC
Uruk V ca. 3500-3350 BC
Uruk IV ca. 3350-3200 BC
Uruk III ca. 3200-3000 BC
Proto-Elamite ca. 3100-2900 BC
Early Dynastic I-II ca. 2900-2700 BC very few (see for example here)
Early Dynastic IIIa ca. 2700-2500 BC few (see for example here)
Early Dynastic IIIb ca. 2500-2340 BC common
Ebla ca. 2350-2250 BC
Old Akkadian ca. 2340-2200 BC common
Linear Elamite ca. 2200 BC corpus consists only of royal inscriptions
Lagash II ca. 2200-2100 BC common
Harappan ca. 2200-1900 BC
Ur III ca. 2100-2000 BC common
Early Old Babylonian ca. 2000-1900 BC
Old Assyrian ca. 1950-1850 BC
Old Babylonian ca. 1900-1600 BC
Middle Hittite ca. 1500-1100 BC
Middle Babylonian ca. 1400-1100 BC
Middle Assyrian ca. 1400-1000 BC
Middle Elamite ca. 1300-1100 BC
Neo-Assyrian 911-612 BC yes yes yes yes
Neo-Elamite 770-539 BC
Neo-Babylonian 626-539 BC
Achaemenid 547-331 BC
Hellenistic 323-63 BC
Parthian 247 BC - 224 AD
Sassanian 224-641 AD
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