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Attested from around Shulgi 30 to Amar-Suen 8, in total 26 years.

Family: Member of the Umma Ruling Family, also know as the Governor's family, or the Family of GIRI.NI.

Father: Ur-Nigar, the Chief Cattle Administrator (šuš3)

Wife: Nin-melam

Note that in addition to his wife, Ur-Lisi is known to have had at least one concubine (lukur), whith whom he had at least two children.

Children: Lu-Emah (with Nin-melam); Ikala (with his concubine); Nin-Ekuta (with his concubine)

Office: Chief of the Granary (KA-guru7) to Shulgi 33

Note that Ur-Lisi is not actually attested with the title KA-guru7, but his activities during the period in question corresponds to those of the Chief of the Granary. See in particular the texts xx.

Governor of Umma from Shulgi 33 to Amar-Suen 8, in total 23 years.

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