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2000 publications

Dilmun Archaeology

Title: Crawford, H.E.W., Rice, M., Traces of paradise : the archaeology of Bahrain 2500 BC-300 AD : an exhibition at the Brunei Gallery, Thornhaugh Street, London WC1, 12 July-15 September 2000, London: Dilmun Committee, 2000.

Keywords: Bahrain - Dilmun - archaeology - Tylos - trading centre - wealth - architecture - objects - artefacts - Dilmun culture - Alexander the Great - Sasanians

Abstract: This comprehensive and heavily illustrated history of the Bahrain Islands over more than 3000 years fills a gap in our knowledge of the archaeology of the Middle East. Home to the ancient civilizations of Dilmun and Tylos, Bahrain was one of the most significant cultural areas in the region and its pre-eminence as a trading centre brought it enormous wealth, reflected in the buildings and artefacts that have been excavated in recent years. Many of these objects and sites have never been published before and this book reveals a range of materials for specialists in Middle Eastern archaeology and for all those with an interest in the art, architecture and history of the ancient world. An international team of archaeologists and historians assess the importance of the Dilmun culture, and Bahrain's development as "Tylos" from Alexander the Great to the Sasanians. The text is complemented by an extensive range of colour photographs that show the full range of Bahrain's artistic heritage.

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