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Architecte au plan


Artifact: Stone statue
Provenience: Girsu, modern Tello
Period: Lagash II (ca. 2200-2100 BC)
Current location: Louvre Museum, Paris (AO 2)
Text genre, language: Royal/Monumental; Sumerian
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Description: This seated statue of the city governor bears the longest inscription on a statue from the time of Gudea. The text is dedicated to the Ningirsu. Gudea appears in the guise of an architect, laying out the outline of the Ningirsu's temple Eninnu in Girsu. The plan is already drawn onto the tablet on his lap. Statue F on the other hand shows an empty tablet. The text describes in detail the raw materials Gudea gathered from different places. It is also the only evidence from his rulership that shortly refers to a military campaign. (Klaus Wagensonner, University of Oxford)

lineart: Witzel 1932.

Edition(s): Edzard, D. O. 1997. Gudea and His Dynasty. The Royal Inscriptions of Mesopotamia, Early Periods 3/1, Toronto, RIM E3/1.1.7.StB.

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