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Chiera, Edward


Chiera, Edward


5 August 1885 - 1933


Rome, Italy



Major works

Legal and Administrative Documents from Nippur, Chiefly from the Dynasties of Isin and Larsa, Philadelphia 1914. (PBS 8/1) Lists of Personal Names from the Temple School of Nippur, Philadelphia 1916 (PBS 11/1) Selected Temple Accounts from Tello, Yokha and Drehem, 1921 Old Babylonian Contracts, Philadelphia 1922 (PBS 8/2) Sumerian Religious Texts (SRT), Upland, PA 1924 Joint expedition with the Iraq Museum at Nuzi, (5 vols.) Paris/Philadelphia 1927-1934 Sumerian Lexical Texts from the Temple School of Nippur (SLT), Chicago 1929 Sumerian Epics and Myths (SEM), Chicago 1934 Sumerian Texts of Varied Contents, Chicago 1934 They wrote on clay: The Babylonian tablets speak today, Chicago 1938, edited by G. Cameron


Professor, University of Pennsylvania, 1913- Professor, University of Chicago, 1927-

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