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Diakonoff, Igor Mikhailovich


Diakonoff, Igor Mikhailovich


12 January 1915 - 2 May 1999


St.-Petersburg (Petrograd), Russia



Major works

Ancient Mesopotamia, Moscow 1969; Hurrisch und Urartäisch, München 1971; Structure of Society and State in Early Dynastic Sumer, Los Angeles 1974; The Structure of Near Eastern Society Before the Middle of the 2nd Millennium B.C. , Budapest 1982; Early Antiquity, Chicago 1991; Archaic Myths of the Orient and the Occident, Göteborg 1995


Studied under A. P. Riftin, St.-Petersburg State University (1931-1937); Conservator, the Hermitage Museum (1936-1959); Associate Professor, St.-Petersburg State University (1938-1941, 1945-1949); Head of the Department of Ancient Near Eastern Languages, St.-Petersburg Institute for Oriental Studies (1953-1999).


Studies I. M. Diakonoff, Warminster 1982; Babel & Bibel 2: Memoriae Igor M. Diakonoff: Annual of Ancient Near Eastern, Old Testament, and Semitic Studies, Winona Lake 2006

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