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Figure aux plumes (The Figure with Feathers)


Artifact: Stone tablet
Provenience: Girsu, modern Tello
Period: Early Dynastic I-II (ca. 2900-2700 BC)
Current location: Louvre Museum, Paris (AO 221)
Text genre, language: Royal inscription; Sumerian
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Description: This text, identified by Gelb (et al. 1991) along with a number of other early texts to represent land-sale documents, precursors to the later kudurrus. This text, however, famously depicts a single large figure wearing a feathered head-band that may represent the god Ningirsu.


Edition(s): Gelb, Ignace J, Piotr Steinkeller and Robert M. Whiting. 1991. Earliest Land Tenure Systems in the Near East: Ancient Kudurrus. The University of Chicago Oriental Institute Publications, Vol. 104. pp. 66/Pl. 32.; Langdon OECT 7 p. IV.; Edzard SRU no. 112.; Thureau-Dangin, pl. 33, DC 2, pl. 34.

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