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The large God-list from Fara


Artifact: Clay tablet
Provenience: Fara
Period: ED IIIa (ca. 2600-2500 BC)
Current location: Vorderasiatisches Museum, Berlin, Germany
Text genre, language: ; Sumerian
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Description: The so-called "large God-list from Fara" is inscribed on a large square tablet with 10 columns on obverse and reverse. The total of entries amounted to approximately 560 divine names. This text together with shorter versions - among others the famous list of 28 "fish-eating deities" (SF 6) - can be considered the most important source for divine names in the 3rd millennium. It has no predecessors among the archaic lexical corpus and may therefore be an invention by the scribes in Fara. (Klaus Wagensonner, University of Oxford)

Handcopy: SF 001

Edition: Krebernik, M. 1986. "Die Götterlisten aus Fāra". Zeitschrift für Assyriologie 76, 161 - 204.

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