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Biography of Iluni

Under the reign of Samsu-iluna (1749-1712), son and successor of Hammurabi, Iluni was attested as sovereign at Ešnunna. Iluni even seems to have temporarily extended his grip to Ur. The King of Babylon fought victoriously in 1731, against Iluni, who he regarded as a rebel, and slit his throat. It said that then he had rebuilt all the fortresses of the land of Warûm, which he had destroyed (1726). In Tutub, under the Tell B, were found the remains of the Dûr-Samsu-iluna, as well as the tablets of that period. The redevelopment of the course of Turan and Taban were celebrated in the name of the year 32 (1719). (translated from "Dictionnaire de la Civilisation Mésopotamienne”, p. 318, Dominique Charpin)

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