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Jacobsen, Thorkild


Jacobsen, Thorkild


7 June 1904 - 2 May 1993


Copenhagen, Denmark



Major works

Philogical Notes on Eshnunna and Its Inscriptions (AS 6), Chicago 1934; Sennacherib’s Aqueduct at Jerwan (OIP 24), Chicago 1935 (with S. Lloyd); The Sumerian King List (AS 11), Chicago 1939; Cuneiform Texts in the National Museum, Copenhagen, Leiden 1939; Early Political Development in Mesopotamia: ZA 52 (1957) 91-140; The Treasures of Darkness, New Haven 1976; Salinity and Irrigation Agriculture in Antiquity (BiMes 14), Malibu 1982; The Harps that Once… Sumerian Poetry in Translation, New Haven 1987; Bibliography in: W.L. Moran (Ed.), Toward the Image of Tammuz and Other Essays on Mesopotamian History and Culture (HSS 21), Cambridge Mass. 1970, 471-474; Riches Hidden in Secret Places, ix-xvii (T. Abusch - J. Huehnergard)


PhD, University of Chicago, 1929; Field Assyriologist with the Iraq Expedition of the Oriental Institute, 1929-1937; Professor and Director of the Oriental Institute, University of Chicago, 1946; Organizer of the Nippur Expedition, joint enterprise of the Oriental Institute and the University Museum; Editor and contributor of the Chicago Assyrian Dictionary; Professor of Assyriology, Harvard University, 1962-1974


Sumerological Studies in Honor of Thorkild Jacobsen, 1-7 (S.N. Kramer); Riches Hidden in Secret Places, xix-xxiii (T. Abusch)


S.J. Lieberman (ed.), Sumerological Studies in Honor of Thorkild Jacobsen (AS 20), Chicago 1975; T. Abusch (ed.), Riches Hidden in Secret Places. Ancient Near Eastern Studies in Memory of Thorkild Jacobsen, Winona Lake 2002

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