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List of physical seals with original impressions

Below is a running tally of physical seals with matching original impressions on clay artifacts; please submit other known or suspected instances to Jacob Dahl

• Seal: WAM 42.0786 =? Envelope: Prag 587 &
(see also seals P272873 and P272886), an Old Assyrian tablet with envelope, only hand copy of envelope.

Seal: Delaporte 307 =? Tablet: LB 2532 (objects linked to this seal)
No published image of LB 2532; hand copy does not include seal legend; name of owner on BnF seal is only partly matches the information in the text on the tablet (not only is the name of the seal owner written differently on the seal and in the text, but different supplemen-tary information is given in the two: the tablet gives the owner’s title, whereas the seal his patronymic). The seal may have been re-carved in antiquity, or the impression may be incomplete, or worn (see Hallo 1973).
Hallo, W.W. 1973: “The Seals of Aššur-Remanni.” Symbolae biblicae et Mesopotamicae Francisco Mario Theodoro de Liagre Böhl dedicatae. ed. by M.A. Beek et. al. Leiden: Brill. Pp. 180-184.

Hallo, W.W. 2001: “Seals and Seal Impressions.” Seals and Seal Impressions. Proceedings of the XLV Rencontre Assyriologique Internationale: Historiography in the Cuneiform World. Volume 2. ed. by W.W. Hallo & I. Winter. Bethesda: CDL Press. Pp. Pp. 239-254.

seal of Bilalama
Reichel, C. 2003: “A Modern Crime and an Ancient Mystery: The Seal of Bilalama.” Festschrift für Burkhard Kienast. ed. by G. Selz. Münster: Ugarit-Verlag.

Seal of Tašmetum-šarrat
Radner, K. 2012: “The Seal of Tašmetum-šarrat, Sennacherib’s Queen, and its Impressions.” Leggo! Studies presented to Frederick Mario Fales. ed. by G.B. Lanfranchi et al. Leipziger Altorientalische Studien 2. Wiesbaden: Harrassowitz. Pp. 687-698.

MVN 15, 230 =? CDLI Seals 001532 (physical) (objects linked to this seal)
An Ur III tablet and an Ur III seal (match suggested by D. Owen). Unlikely.

Seal of Ana-Sin-taklalku

Seal of Inim-ma-ni-zi
The physical seal kept in Charterhouse School in Surrey is a possible match to YBC 00295, NYPL 023, MVN 16 0900; although YBC 00295 was examined by Klaus Wagensonner and unlikely to be an exact match. The goose in front of the king is found primarily on Old Babylonian re-carved Ur III seals (pace Moorey and Gurney Iraq 35: 72)

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