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Love Charm


Transliteration & Translation

1. {d}en-ki ir-e-ma-am
2. e3#-ra-x-am
3. ir-e-mu-um dumu {d}isztar
4. in za-gi-[sa u2-sza-ab# in sa3-qi3-[…]
5. in ru-uh,2#-ti# [ga-na]-ak#-tim
6. u2-da-ra wa-ar#-[da]-da#
7. da-me-iq-da tu-uh,2-da-na-ma
8. ki-ri2-szum tu-ur4-da#
9. tu-ur4-da-ma a-na {gisz}kiri6
10. ru-uh,2-ti# ga-na-ak-tim
11. ti-ib-da-ad-ga
12. a-h,u-uzx ba-ki sza ru-ga-tim
13. a-h,u-uzx bu-ra-ma-ti
14. e#-ni-ki
15. a-hu-uzx ur4-ki
16. sza szi-na-tim
17. a-asz2-h,i-it ki-ri2-isz
18. {d}suen
19. ab#-dug asal2
20. u-me-isz-sa
21. du-ri-ni i-da-az-ga-ri-ni
22. ki sipa i3-du-ru# za-nam
23. uz3 gu-lu-ma-sa u8 sila4-[za]
24. a-da#-num2 mu-ra-asz2
25. si-ir-gu-a i-da-su
26. i3 u3 ti-bu-ut-tum
27. sa-ap-da-su
28. a-za-am i3 in# ga-ti-su
29. a-za-am i-ri-nim in# bu-ti-su
30. ir-e-mu u2-da-bi-bu-si-ma
31. u3 isz-ku-nu-si# a-na mu-h,u-tim
32. a-h,u-uzx ba-ki sza da-ti
33. {d}isztar u3 {d}isz-h,a-ra
34. u3-dam-me-ki
35. a-ti za-wa-ar-su
36. u3 za-wa-ar-ki
37. la e-dam-da
38. la da-ba-sza-h,i-ni

Ea loves the charm. The charm, son of Isztar, sitting in her lap. By the sap of the incense tree they are instructed. Two beautiful young women are blooming. They went down to the garden, to the gardent hey went down. They cut the sap of the incense tree. I seized your mouth that is far away. I seized your sparkling eyes. I seized your genitals that are full of urine. I escaped to the garden of Suen. I cut down the poplar for her daylight. Surround me among the boxwoods. Like a shepherd surrounds his flock, a goat its kid, a ewe its lamb, a donkey its foal. His arms are two bundles of fruit. Oil and song are his lips. A cruse of oil is in his hand. A cruse of cedar oil is on his shoulder. The love charms have pursuaded her and they made her love-sick. I seized your mouth that is my favorite. Isztar and Iszhara, I conjure you. As long as his neck and your neck are not entwined may you not be at peace.



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