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Cuneiform Mathematics

When, in the early 20th century, the assyriologist François Thureau-Dangin and, after him, the mathematician Otto Neugebauer undertook the systematic publication of cuneiform mathematical texts preserved in European and American museums, the scientific community discovered that highly sophisticated mathematical methods were developed in Mesopotamia more than one millennium before Euclid and Pythagoras.

The pages on mathematics of the cdli:wiki offers a brief general overview of the known mathematical cuneiform sources and a selected bibliography. Several more focused articles develop further some of the most important aspects of the mathematical traditions that have emerged in the Ancient Near East from the mi-third millennium to the end of the first millennium BC.



A tentative complete bibliography by Duncan Melville is available here.

A basic tool indispensable for any people interested by the subject is Friberg's commented bibliography, alas unpublished, A Survey of Publications on Sumero-Akkadian Mathematics, Metrology and Related Matters (1854-1982), Göteborg 1982.

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