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Codex Hammurapi


1. Prologue

(i:1) When august Anu,
king of the Anunnaki,
(and) Enlil,
lord of heaven
(5) and earth,
who determines
the fates of the land,
for Marduk,
the firstborn son
(10) of Enki,
over all people
they decided,
among the Igigu,
(15) they exalted him.
they named with its august name
(and) within the world regions
they made it supreme,
(20) within it,
eternal kingship,
which like heaven
and earth
its foundation
(25) is fixed,
they made firm for him.


Roth, M. (H.H. Hoffner and P. Michalowski). 1997. Law collections from Mesopotamia and Asia Minor. Scholars Press: New Haven, p. 71ff.

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