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Pfeiffer, Robert Henry


Pfeiffer, Robert Henry


14 February 1892 - 16 March 1958


Bologna, Italy


Assyriology; Biblical Studies

Major works

Excavations at Nuzi 2 (HSS 9), Cambridge 1932 State Letters of Assyria (AOS 6), New Haven 1935 One Hundred New Selected Nuzi Texts (AASOR 16), New Haven 1936 (with E.A. Speiser) Excavations at Nuzi 4 (HSS 13), Cambridge 1942 (with E.R. Lacheman)


PH.D., Harvard University, 1922 Annual Professor of the ASOR in Baghdad and director of the excavations at Nuzi, 1928/29 Professor of Hebrew and Oriental Languages, Harvard University Curator, Semitic Museum, Cambridge, Mass.


AfO 18 (1957-1958) 485-486 (E. Weidner), with photo

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