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The political landscape after the Mari-archives

Artifact: Clay tablet
Period: Late Old Babylonian Period (ca 1800-1595 BC)
Current location:
Text genre, language:; Akkadian
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Description: This still unpublished letter from Mari contains one of the most intriguing statements about the political situation in the middle of Zimri-Lim's reign. It is a letter written by Itur-Asdu and addressed to the king, where the sender states: "There is no king, who is on his own strong. Hammurapi, the man of Babylon, follow 10 or 15 kings, likewise Rim-Sîn, the man of Larsa, likewise Ibal-pi-el, the man of Eshnunna. likewise Amud-pi-el, the man of Qatna, (but) Yarim-lim, the man of Yamhad, follow 20 kings." (Klaus Wagensonner, University of Oxford)

Lineart: Not available (A.482)

Edition(s): Dossin, G. 1938. "Les archives épistolaires du palais de Mari," Syria 19, 105 - 126, 117 (treatment); Charpin, D. and N. Ziegler. 2003. Mari et le Proche-Orient à l'époque amorrite. Essai d'histoire politique. Mémoires de N.A.B.U. 6, Florilegium marianum V, SEPOA: Paris, p. 206, note 330 (with previous literature).

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