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Lu-kala 1

Attested from xx to xx.

Family: Member of the Umma Ruling Family, also know as the Governor's family, or the Family of GIRI.NI.

Father: Ur-E'e, Chief Cattle Administrator (šuš3).

Brother(s): Lu-Haya


Assistant to the Governor from xx to xx.

Lu-kala 2




Shepherd, only attested in a few texts (see especially MVN 16, 1294, where Lukala the shepherd is mentioned together with Lukala the son of Ur-E'e, who is subsequently given the title šabra, to avoid any misunderstanding. The title šabra is here believed to cover some sort of assistant to the governor)

Lu-kala 3

Attested from xx to xx.


Father: Lugal-ezem, the Assistant to the Domain Unit Supervisor Dada

Children: Ur-Ninpirig, the ox-driver (sza3-gu4)

Office: Cultivator (engar)

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