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Major collections of seals

There exists no consolidated catalog of seals in collections across the globe. Estimates of the numbers of physical seals kept in collections vary.
We will try and keep an updated list of major collections on this page. Numbers are for the most part estimates. They are based either on online catalogs, old publications, or information provided by staff at the various collections.

Louvre Museum, Paris: estimated 5000 seals

British Museum, London: estimated 3000 seals

Bibliothèque Nationale de France, Paris: c. 2000 seals

Ashmolean Museum, Oxford: c. 1100 seals

Vorderasiatische Museum, Berlin: more than 2000 seals

Oriental Institute, University of Chicago c. 2000 seals
(c. 1050 cylinder seals and c. 900 stamp seals)

The Metropolitan Museum of Art c. 650 seals

Bibel+Orient Museum, Fribourg: c. 500 seals

Allard Pierson Museum, Amsterdam: c. 500 seals

Bruxelles: c. 1000 seals???

Yale Babylonian Collection, New Haven: estimated c. 1500 seals

Pierpont Morgan: estimated 1500 seals

Bible Museum, Jerusalem: c. 3000 seals

University Museum, Pennsylvania: c. 2500

Current total: +26,000 seals

Click here for an overview of some major collections as presented by Klaus Wagensonner at the 2014 CDLI workshop "Digitizing in the Round".

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