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During the Ur III period the city of Umma (modern Tell Djoha) was the capital of the Umma province. Umma has never been scientifically excavated, but it was extensively plundered during the first quarter of the 20th century. The identification of Tell Djoha with Umma was determined on the basis of a few surface finds made at the same time. During the remaining part of the 20th century Tell Djoha was apparently covered by sand dunes, preventing any excavations. Recently Umma has again been exposed to looters and extensive damage has been reported. Umma is clearly visible in Google Earth (31°40'2.75"N 45°53'15.63"E). Architectural structures presumably exposed during the recent excavations (under the direction of Donny George?) are also visible. Approximately 20,000 Ur III tablets from Umma have been published; another 4,000 avaiting publication have been catalogued by the CDLI. The total number of Umma tablets in museums and private collections around the world is unknown.

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