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The Succession Treaty of Essarhadon

image.jpg Artifact: Clay tablet
Period: Neo-Assyrian (ca. 911-612 BC)
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Text genre, language: Treaty; Akkadian
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Description: Esarhaddon (reigned 680-669 BC) was a Neo-Assyrian king whose succession treaty established his son, the crown prince Aššurbanipal (reigned 668-627 BC), as his successor to the throne of Assyria. An introductory section that ends with a list of divine witnesses is followed by 33 clauses elaborated over the course of over 350 lines, and finally by a curse section, a standard method of ensuring that the contracting parties fulfil their obligations as set out in the agreement. The 33 clauses that vassals undertake to follow include promises to help Aššurbanipal, to treat him with respect, to protect him, not to harm him, not to appoint another king, not to support any revolts against him, and other positive and negative declarations that aim to ensure loyalty to the new king upon his succession to the throne. The term translated as treaty is the Akkadian adê, which refers to an agreement whose parties are bound by an oath, and many of the extant treaty documents from the ancient Near East come from the Neo-Assyrian Empire.


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