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Schema for Entries in Text Typology

1. An Introduction
This section should introduce the texts and the basic subject matter(s) covered in them (e.g., Neo-Babylonian contracts refer to written agreements between two or more parties that record transactions as varied as marriage and property purchases); where relevant, their use or context, including where they have been found (e.g., Typically, these texts are written by scribes, who are sometimes also involved as businesspeople in the transaction, and are found in private or temple archives, though there are some exceptions. These texts come from major urban centres, including Babylon, Uruk, etc.); and what aspect of Mesopotamian society they can help to elucidate (…provide a window onto economic and social history).
2. An Overview of Native Terminology
This section should indicate any native name for the text group, and for labels or divisions noted in the texts themselves. This is also a good place to include modern distinctions, how these are drawn and justified, and what implications they have for the study of the texts.
3. An Overview of the Corpus
This section is most relevant for texts from a particular period or place (e.g., Old Assyrian letters) but can also apply to certain genres of scholarly texts. This may reprise some information from the introductory section and should introduce basic features or text types within the genre under discussion. If there are sub-genres included (see below), these should be indicated here if not in the native terminology section.
4. Typology
• Structure of Texts within the Type; and
This should include a breakdown or list of the basic components of a text, even if not all components are present in all the texts.
• Sample Text(s)
• Overview of Sub-Genres;
This should be a short introduction to the sub-genre, the subject matter or format that justifies its separate classification, and a note on how these fit into the larger corpus detailed in the “Overview of Corpus” above.
• Structure of Texts within Sub-Genre; and
• Sample Text(s)

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