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a. mu e2-dub-la2-mah ba-du3
Year: the Edublamah was built

b. mu us2-sa e2-dub-la2-mah na-qi-mu-um ba-du3
Year after: Nāqimum built the Edublamah

c. mu na-qi-mu-um ki-bi-še3 ba-gi4-a
Year: Nāqimum restored …

d. mu us2-sa na-qi-mu-um ki-bi-še3 ba-gi4-a
Year after: Nāqimum restored …

e. mu ka2 dinanna a-ku-sum2ki na-qi-mu-um mu-du3
Year: Nāqimum built the gate (of the temple) of Inanna in Akusum

f. mu na-qi-mu-um [ ]-um e2-an-na ba-du3
Year: Nāqimum built the Eanna …

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