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Year names of Anam

1. mu an-am3 lugal
Year Anam (became) king

a. mu u+ga.šar2(na2?)-sikil gaba-ri ka2 gi6-par4 mu-un-dim2-ma alan an dinanna ku3-sig17 šu-du7-a ša3-bi-a ki-be2 mu-un-dib-a
Year: (Anam) made opposite the gate of the gipar / "nunnery" a pure (bed) and placed there (in the gate) a statue adorned with gold for An and Inanna

ba. mu 2 gešgu-za alan lugal
Year: (Anam made) 2 thrones (and) a statue of the king

bc. mu gešgu-za alan lugal ba-dim2-ma
Year: a throne and a statue of the king were made

c. mu e2 an dinanna libir-ra ša3-bi-a mu-un-dim2
Year: (Anam) restored the interior of the decaying temple of An and Inanna

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