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Year names of Rîm-Anum

These year-names are based on Seri, "The House of Prisoners", (SANER 2, p. 3, 2013)

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1. mu dri-im-da-nu-um lugal-e
Year: "Rîm-Anum (became) king"

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2a. mu ri-im-da-nu-um lugal-e unuki-ga u3 a2-dam-bi ug3 suh3-a-bi si bi2-in-si-sa2 mi-ni-ib-gi4
Year: "Rîm-Anum, the king of Uruk and its countryside, reorganized the scattered population"

2b. mu ri-im-da-nu-um lugal-e numun-da-ri2 nam-en-na-ke4
Year: "Rîm-Anum, the king, lasting offspring of kingship"

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3. mu ri-im-da-nu-um lugal-e ma-da e-mu-ut-ba-lum ugnim eš3-nun-na i3-si-inki ka-zal-lu e-ne-bi-ta-gin7 unuki-še3 me3-a in-ši-sug2-eš-am3 gar3-dar erin2-na-bi mi-ni-in-gar-ra nig2-ul-du3-a-ta unuki sahar-ra la-ba-dub-ab-ba sahar ba-dub-ba-a-ba mi-ni-in-šar2-šar2-re nam-a2-gal2-la-a-ni kalam-ma mi-ni-in-ri-a
Year: "The year in which King Rîm-Anum, the (forces of) the land of Emutbalum, the armies of Ešnunna, Isin and Kazallu, as if all together (with him), having presented themselves at Uruk for war, inflicted a defeat upon their troops. Since time immemorial Uruk had never experienced (such) a dust storm (raised by a foreign army), but after the dust storm settled, he slaughtered (all of them) and by his power ejected (them all) from the homeland"

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