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Year names of Ur-Baba

year year name translation references
1 mu ur-dba-ba6 ensi2 Year: “Ur-Baba is governor” not attested
a mu gan2 muš-bi-edin-na a ba-de2-a Year: “The fields of Mušbiedenna were irrigated” RTC 185 (Girsu) rev. 6
b mu id2-giš-šub-ba ba-ba-al-la Year: “The canal 'giš-šub-ba' was dug” RTC 191 (Girsu) rev. 2
c mu e2-dnin-mar-ki-ka gu2-ab-baki-ka ba-du3-a Year: “The temple of Ninmarki in Guabba was built” AO 3355 (Sigrist/Damerow; not currently listed in cdli database)
d mu e2-den-ki giš-kin-ti ba-du3-a Year: “The temple of Enki, the giškinti, was built” RTC 89 (Girsu) rev. 2; AOAT 025, p. 79, 02 (Girsu) rev. 8; FAOS 7 58 D 50 (Sigrist/Damerow)
e* mu gibil us2-sa mu e2-den-ki-ga ba-du3-a Year after: “The temple of Enki was built” AOAT 25 p. 79 n. 3 (Girsu) rev. 3; according to Sigrist & Damerow but see brief discussion by Muazzez Çig, AOAT 25, p. 76.
e mu e2-dnin-a2-gal ba-du3-a Year: “The temple of Nin-agal was built” AO 3353 (Sigrist/Damerow; not currently listed in cdli database)

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