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Year Names of Naram-Sin

year year name translation references
a mu na-ra-am-{d}en.zu e2-{d}en-lil2-ta tukul-an-na szu ba-ti-a Year in which Naram-Sin received from the temple of Enlil the mitytyum weapon
b mu na-ra-am-{d}en.zu ma-ri-da-ba-an{ki} mu-hul-a Year in which Naram-Sin destroyed Maridaban
ca mu na-ra-am-{d}en.zu [a-zu]-hu-num2{ki}-sze3 i3-gin-na-a < kas.szudun=REC169 > ba-gar Year in which Naram-Sin after campaigning against [Azu]hunum defeated it
cb mu na-ra-am-{d}en.zu [a-zu-hu]-nim-sze3 i3-gin-na-a Year in which Naram-Sin (after) campaigning against Azuhunum < defeated it> (FAOS 7 p. 50 D-8)
d in 1 mu na-ra-am-{d}en.zu sza-ab-bu-nu-um{ki} mu-hul-a In the year in which Naram-Sin destroyed Szabbunum
e mu bad3 a-ka3-de3{ki} < ba-du3-a > Year in which the city wall of Agade (OSP 2 171-172)
f mu < kas.szudun=REC169 > unug{ki} nag-su{ki}-a ba-gar-ra-a Year in which Uruk and Nagsu were defeated (RTC 99, 136, 176, BM 86299)
g mu e2-{d}inanna a-ka3-de3{ki} al-du3-a Year in which the temple of Isztar in Agade was built (NBC 10247)
j in 1 mu {d}na-ra-am-{d}en.zu < kas.szudun=REC169 > subir{ki} in a-zu-hi-nim{ki} i-sza-ru ta2-hi-sza-ti-li ik-mi-u3 In the year in which Naram-Sin was victorious against Subartu in Azuhunum and took prisoner Dahisz-atal (ASJ 4, 23)
k in 1 mu {d}na-ra-am-{d}en.zu na-gab2 idigna.id2 u3 buranun.id2 ik-szu-du2 u3 < kas.szudun=REC169 > sze3-nam-in-da-a{ki} isz11-a-ru In the year in which Naram-Sin reached the sources of the Tigris and the Euphrates and was victorious against SzeNAMinda. (MAD 1 231)
l in 1 mu < szudun=REC448bis > lugal in 'a3-mar-nu-um i-li-ka3-am In the year in which the king went for battle to the Amarnum (mountains) (MAD 5 76)
m in 1 mu {d}na-ra-am-{d}en.zu a-na {gisz}tir eren i-li-ku In the year in which Naram-Sin went to the cedar forest (Adab 404)
n in 1 mu {d}na-ra-am-{d}en.zu < kas.szudun=REC169 > …-at{ki} …-gal-at{ki} isz11-a-ru u3 szu-ma in kur am-na-an {gisz}erin ib-tu2-qam In the year in which Naram-Sin was victorious over … and … and he himself cut down cedar timber in the land of Amanus (OSP 2 203)
o mu {d}na-ra-am-{d}en.zu-e ka id2-e-erin-na-ka nibru-sze3 si im-mi-sa2-a Year in which Naram-Sin made straight the opening of the canal E'erina towards / for Nippur (PBS 9/1 25)
p in 1 mu {d}na-ra-am-{d}en.zu a-na kaskal{ki} si-mu-ur4-ri2-im{ki} i-li-ku In the year in which Naram-Sin campaigned against Simurrum (JCS 28 228)
q in 1 mu {d}na-ra-am-{d}en.zu < szudun=REC448bis > si-mu-ur4-ri-im{ki} in ki-ra-sze3-ni-we{ki} isz11-a-ru u3 ba-ba ensi2 si-mu-ur4-ri-im{ki} dub-ul ensi2 a-ra-me{ki} ik-mi-u3 In the year in which Naram-Sin was victorious against Simurrum in Kiraszeniwe and took prisoner Baba the governor of Simurrum and Dubul the ensi of Arame (MAD 1 217)
r in 1 mu … ti-… bi2-bi2-… en-a-ru u3 < szudun=REC169 > sa-du2-a-tim in ha-szi-ma-ar.kur isz11-a-ru In the year in which … defeated Bibi-… and was victorious in the mountains at Haszimar (ITT 5 9265)
s mu en-{d}nanna na-ra-am-{d}en.zu masz-e ib2-dib-ba Year in which Naram-Sin chose the en-priestess of Nanna by means of the omens (OIP 97 82 n. 10)
t mu na-ra-am-{d}en.zu-sze3 Year for Naram-Sin (OIP 97 82 n. 10)

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