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Old Babylonian Sumerian Literature

ETCSL Cuneiform Sources

The objective here is to provide links to the CDLI catalogue sources for the literary works given by ETCSL. The notes also tie the etcsl catalogue numbers to the corresponding Q-catalogue numbers (used in CDLI as composite id's). In principle, the etcsl web-pages list the cuneiform sources for each of the literary works considered. However, in practice, there are sometimes difficulties in relating the sources listed by etcsl to those in the CDLI catalogue and so notes are included considering some of these difficulties. Peterson's study of sumerian literary fragments (BPOA 9) post-dates ETCSL and adds a lot of new information.

click here for the Electronic Text Corpus of Sumerian Literature web-site (ETCSL)

The Sumerian Resources from Pascal Attinger are available from CDLI under the individual compositions (see view commentary on the individual pages).

Ancient Literary Catalogues

Narrative and Mythological Compositions

compositions with a historical background

Royal praise poetry

Literary letters and letter-prayers

Hymns and cult songs

Other literature


Legacy pages

Compositions and Partituren

Enmerkar and the Lord of Aratta

Major Publications of Primary Sources

Sumerian Hymns and Prayers to God Nin-Ib (= BE 29/1)

Sumerian Religious Texts (SRT)

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