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Proto-Elamite Period

Published sign lists:

V. Scheil, 1905, Documents archaïques en écriture proto-élamite, Paris, 1905 (MDP, 6), Pp 83 - 114.

R. de Mecquenem, 1949, Épigraphie proto-élamite, Paris, 1949 (MMAI = MDP, 31), Pp 44 - 150.

P. Meriggi, 1974, La scrittura proto-elamica. Parte IIa: Catalogo dei segni (Rome).

Published partial sign lists:

J.L. Dahl, 2019, Proto-Elamite Tablets and Fragments. Textes cunéiforme du Louvre 32 (Khéops / Louvre éditions Publishing, Paris), pp 186 - 227.

J.L. Dahl, 2019, Animal Husbandry in Susa During the Proto-Elamite Period. Studi Micenei ed EgeoAnatolici 47, pp. 125-126.

Unpublished sign lists:

A sign list of proto-Elamite signs can be found here CDLI sign lists, and eps copies of normalised sign forms of most of the signs in the CDLI can be found here repository of Proto-Elamite data.

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