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The Neo and Late Babylonian periods

The majority of our knowledge regarding the late stages of cuneiform lexical texts is mirrored by the evidence from various clusters of school texts and hence will be discussed in more detail in Education. Nevertheless, it is necessary to refer to one rare subgroup of school texts, which provide clues for the sequence of texts used by apprentice scribes. One among these texts is CTMMA 2, 65 probably from Babylon. As many of the known school texts of this type the reverse is reserved to a long and elaborate dedication to the patron god of scribes Nabû on the reverse. The obverse usually contains extracts of lexical texts. In this particular case, however, the scribe put down in writing the beginnings or incipits of the lexical texts he had to study in the course of his apprenticeship.

Klaus Wagensonner (Freie Universität, Berlin)
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