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Year names of Irdanene

1. mu irda-ne-ne lugal
Year: Irdanene (became) king

a. mu alan ku3-sig17 an-am3 ad-da-na e2-dna-na-a-še3 i-ni-in-ku4-re-en
Year: I (Irdanene) brought a statue in gold representing Anam his father into the temple of Nanaia

ba. mu dumu-nita2 dumu-munus nibruki ša3 unugki-ga u3 a2-dam-bi a-na-me-a-bi den-lil2 ša3 nibruki-še3 šu in-na-bar-re-en
Year: I (Irdanene) freed for Enlil in Nippur the sons and daughters (of Nippur held) in Uruk and all those coming from the surrounding settlements (of Nippur)

bb. mu dumu-nita2 dumu-munus nibruki ša3 unugki-ga u3 ma-da-bi a-na-me-a-bi den-lil2 ša3 nibruki-še3 u4-da-ri2-še3 šu in-na-an-bar-re
Year: I (Irdanene) set free for Enlil in Nippur for ever (from the forced labour) the sons and daughters of Nippur (held) in Uruk, as many as they are

c. mu gešgigir mah ku3-sig17 šu-du7-a na4nir-muš-gir2 na4igi me-luh-ha ak-a an dinanna-ra mu-ne-en-ku4
Year: (Irdanene) brought for An and Inanna in their temple a magnificent (procession) chariot adorned with gold, precious stones and pearls from Meluhha

d. mu 2 urudaalan irda-ne-ne lugal ka2 gi6-par4 u3 2 urudaalan dna-aš-par2-tum ka2 muš-a-igi-gal2 a2-zi-da a2-gub3-bu-še3 im-mi-ib-gir3
Year: (Irdanene) placed 2 copper statues of Irdanene the king at the gate of the gipar / "nunnery" and 2 copper statues for the goddess Našpartum right and left of the mušaigigala-gate

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