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King unknown

Year names where the king is unknown

a. mu ul3-ul3 sze lagaški giš bi2-ra-a : Year: "…… the barley of Lagaš was threshed”

  • RIME 3/2 (Frayne 1997, 10) lists this year name as Ur-Namma year c.
  • Museum no. Ist Ni 1453. [Also referred to by Scheil, RT 19 (1897) p. 61; RA 14 (1917) p. 163; Radau, 'Early Babylonian History', p. 281 and Sollberger, AfO (1954-1956) p. 13j.] The Ni prefix indicates that the tablet is (most probably) from Nippur.

b. mu e2-muhaldim dnin-šubur ba-du3-a : Year: "The kitchen (of the temple) of Nin-šubur was built”

  • AOAT 25, p. 82, 11 (Nippur) rev. 5: mu e2 muhaldim {d}nin-szubur ba-du3-a
  • (Note the provenience of this tablet)
  • RIME 3/2 (Frayne 1997, 94) lists this year name as Šulgi year 3.

c. mu id2-dba-ba6-he2-gal2-sud ba-ba-al-la : Year: "The canal 'Baba-hegal-sud / Baba makes abundance last' was dug”

  • RTC 253 (Girsu) rev. 11: mu i7 {d}ba-ba6-he2-gal2-su3 ba-ba-al-la
  • possibly a year of Ur-gar since that name appears in the line preceding the date.

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