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 =====Astral sciences===== =====Astral sciences=====
-[[Astral ​Omens]]\\+[[Astronomical ​Omens]]\\
-[[Astral Letters and reports]]\\+For Astral Letters and reports ​see under [[Letters]]\\
-[[Astral ​Theoretical texts]]\\+[[Astronomical ​Theoretical texts]]\\
-[[Astral ​Diaries]]\\+[[Astronomical ​Diaries]]\\
 [[Goal-year texts]]\\ [[Goal-year texts]]\\
-[[Astral ​Almanacs]]\\+[[Astronomical ​Almanacs]]\\
 [[Eclipse records]]\\ [[Eclipse records]]\\
-[[Astral ​Procedure texts]]\\+[[Astronomical ​Procedure texts]]\\
-[[Astral ​Table texts (math.)]]\\+[[Astronomical ​Table texts (math.)]]\\
-“Astrology”+[[Zodiacal texts]]\\ 
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