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cdli:wiki is a collaborative project of members of the French CNRS team ArScAn-HAROC, and staff and students in the Faculty of Oriental Studies at the University of Oxford, with contributors in several different countries. The cdli:wiki is currently funded by the Cluster (LabEx) Pasts in the Present through the project "Digital humanities and Assyriology".

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What's new in cdli:wiki?

  • Numbers and Metrology - [2nd millennium]
    Numbers and Metrology The metrological systems adopted in cuneiform sources vary considerably according to place, time, and sector of activity. This section aims at representing this diversity of notations of numbers and quantities. Each system will be described in relation to a well delimited set of sources. The representations are based on the so-called “factors diagrams” introduced by Jöran Friberg in 1978 (The third millennium roots of Babylonian mathematics, I. Göteborg: Department of mat…
  • Rulers of Mesopotamia - [Introduction]
    Introduction This section of cdli:wiki lists rulers within their dynasties, and give as far as possible lists of their regnal years. Each dynasty or section is introduced by a short discussion of the system of dating used and the reign of the ruler or dynasty.
  • Text Typologies
    Text Typologies Texts of practice * Letters from Mesopotamia * Legal texts * Neo-Babylonian Contracts * Processes * Archival documents * Receipts * Accounts * Inventories * Memorandums Scholarly texts * School texts * Lists / lexts * Canonical series * Law collections
  • External Related Links
    External Related Links Some links to other online cuneiform projects: * Achemenet: Histoire et civilisation du monde achéménide et de l'empire d'Alexandre * ArchiBab: Archives paléo-babyloniennes (XXe-XVIIe siècles av. J.-C.) * BDTNS: Database of Neo-Sumerian Texts * CDLI: Cuneiform Digital Library Initiative * CDLI: Score entries (partitur) * CDLI: Mesopotamian Seals * CDLI: Mesopotamian Royal Inscriptions * CDLI: iPad entries * CDLI: Publications (Journal, Bulletin, Notes) …
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