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Other literature

The objective here is to provide links to the CDLI catalogue sources for the literary works given by ETCSL. The notes also tie the etcsl catalogue numbers to the corresponding Q-catalogue numbers (used in CDLI as composite id's). In principle, the etcsl web-pages list the cuneiform sources for each of the literary works considered. However, in practice, there are sometimes difficulties in relating the sources listed by etcsl to those in the CDLI catalogue and so notes are included considering some of these difficulties.

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etcsl 5.1.3 = Q000756: The advice of a supervisor to a younger scribe (E-dub-ba-a C)

In the etcsl list, N 1159 is given as part of N 1071+, whereas it is part of the case of UM 29-16-092 (P256697). CDLI lists numerous additional fragments for N 1071+. The CDLI photo shows N 7468 is physically joined to N 3434 (and not to N 6882). Etcsl also lists N 3041 + N 3042 for Nisaba A (4.16.1), but the CDLI photos show two very small fragments, furthermore they have not been joined. For 3N-T362+, etcsl includes IM 58477 whereas CDLI has IM 58447.

etcsl 5.2.4 = Q000788: A man and his god

In the etcsl list, CBS 8321 (STVC 2) is also joined to 3 N-series fragments including N 3151. Also Ni 45787 should be Ni 4587.

etcsl 5.2.5 = Q000789: The poem of early rulers

All of the three tablets listed by etcsl here are also listed for etcsl 2.8.5.a and two of them are listed for etcsl 2.8.5.b.

etcsl 5.3.1 = Q000760: The debate between Hoe and Plough

In the etcsl list, Ashm 1923-765 should be OECT 5, 34. The CDLI photos show that N 6477 is not joined to CBS 2192+. Also for CBS 2192+, it should be UM 29-13-687 (and not 867); and this tablet includes N 7894 (+) N 7892. In CDLI, CBS 7820 is part of a tablet listed as Curse of Agade (etcsl 2.1.5). UET 6 *82 + *307 = UET 6/3, 626; UET 6 *10b = UET 6/3, 625; and following Shaffer, there is a quasi-join between these. In etcsl, 3N-T 901,60 should be 3N-T902,60. And there should be a quasi-join between 3N-T905,192 and 3N-T902,98+. CDLI lists several other examples under this heading.

etcsl 5.3.2 = Q000761: The debate between Grain and Sheep

In etcsl, the refs. given for the ISET 2 plate nos. for Ni 2321, 4106 & 4462 should be 75, 71 & 71 respectively. The tablet listed as Ni 4086 in etcsl and CDLI is given as Ni 4036 by Alster & Vanstiphout. In the etcsl listing, 3N-T305 = A 3026 would appear to be in error because the 3N-T fragments are usually associated with five digit A-series museum numbers. CDLI also lists N 3694.

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