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 \\ \\
 ---- ----
-[[treaty_hattshili_ramesses|{{ http://​cdli.ox.ac.uk/​images/mb_hattushiliramesses.jpg?​100|}}]]+[[treaty_hattshili_ramesses|{{ http://​cdli.ox.ac.uk/​wiki/doku.php?​id=hatturamesse.jpg?​100|}}]]
 [[http://​cdli.ox.ac.uk/​wiki/​doku.php?​id=treaty_hattshili_ramesses |13. Treaty between Hattushili III and Ramesses]] [[http://​cdli.ox.ac.uk/​wiki/​doku.php?​id=treaty_hattshili_ramesses |13. Treaty between Hattushili III and Ramesses]]
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 ---- ----
 +[[bassetki_statue|{{ :​image.jpg?​100|}}]]
 +[[http://​cdli.ox.ac.uk/​wiki/​doku.php?​id=bassetki_statue|16. Bassetki statue]]
 +An inscription which provides evidence for the deification of Naram-Sin on the base of one of the most extraordinary works of Akkadian art. [[bassetki_statue|More information...]]
 +//​Artifact//:​ Copper monument\\ ​
 +//​Provenience//:​ Bassetki\\ ​
 +//Period//: Old Akkadian (ca. 2340-2200 BC)\\ 
 +//Current location//: National Museum of Iraq, Baghdad, Iraq (IM 77823)\\ ​
 +[[http://​cdli.ox.ac.uk/​wiki/​doku.php?​id=ebla_sign_list|17. The Ebla "​Sign-list"​]]\\
 +[[ebla_sign_list|{{ image.jpg?​100}}]]
-[[http://​cdli.ox.ac.uk/​wiki/​doku.php?​id=largest_account_archaic_period|13. The Largest Account ​of the Archaic Period]] +A key to the pronunciation ​of cuneiform signs from the third millennium B.C.. [[ebla_sign_list|More information...]]
-[[http://​cdli.ox.ac.uk/​wiki/​doku.php?​id=largest_account_archaic_period|{{ :​sb2801.jpg?​100}}]] +
- +
-An almost completely preserved clay-tablet in proto-Elamite from ancient Susa inscribed with a complicated account.[[largest_account_archaic_period|More information...]]+
 //​Artifact//:​ Clay tablet\\ ​ //​Artifact//:​ Clay tablet\\ ​
-//​Provenience//: ​Susa, modern Shush\\  +//​Provenience//: ​Ebla\\  
-//​Period//: ​Proto-Elamite ​(ca. 3300-3000 BC)\\  +//​Period//: ​ED IIIb (ca. 2500-2340)\\  
-//Current location//: ​Louvre ​Museum, ​Paris (Sb 2801)\\ +//Current location//: ​National ​Museum ​of SyriaIdlib\\ 
 ---- ----
-[[http://​cdli.ox.ac.uk/​wiki/​doku.php?​id=figure_aux_plumes|14. Figure aux plumes]] 
-[[http://​cdli.ox.ac.uk/​wiki/​doku.php?​id=figure_aux_plumes|{{ http://​cdli.ox.ac.uk/​images/​P220632_detail.jpg?​100}}]] 
-A poorly understood stone land-sale document, possibly showing one of the earliest images ​of an anthropomorphic god in Mesopotamia. ​[[figure_aux_plumes|More information...]]+[[http://​cdli.ox.ac.uk/​wiki/​doku.php?​id=statue_idrimi_alalakh|18. The Statue ​of Idrimi ​of Alalakh]] 
 +[[statue_idrimi_alalakh|{{ http://cdli.ox.ac.uk/​images/​MB_Idrimi.jpg?100}}]]
-//​Artifact//:​ Stone tablet\\  +The autobiography of a 2nd millennium king[[statue_idrimi_alalakh|More information...]]
-//​Provenience//:​ Girsu, modern Tello\\  +
-//Period//: Early Dynastic I-II (ca2900-2700 BC)\\  +
-//Current location//: Louvre Museum, Paris (AO 221)\\ ​+
-----+//​Artifact//:​ Stone statue\\  
 +//​Provenience//:​ Alalakh\\  
 +//Period//: Middle Babylonian (ca. 1400-1000 BC)\\  
 +//Current location//: British Museum, London\\ ​
-[[http://​cdli.ox.ac.uk/​wiki/​doku.php?​id=old_assyrian_limmu_list|15. The Old Assyrian Limmu List]] 
-[[old_assyrian_limmu_list|{{ image.jpg?​100}}]] 
-A list of years named after officials, one important tool for establishing a chronology of first part of the first millennium B.C.  [[old_assyrian_limmu_list|More information...]] 
-//​Artifact//:​ Clay tablet\\ ​ 
-//​Provenience//:​ Kültepe\\ ​ 
-//Period//: Old Assyrian (ca. 1950-1850 BC)\\  
-//Current location//: Anadolu Medeniyetleri Müzesi, Ankara (kt 92/k 0193) \\  
 ---- ----
 +[[banquet_stela_assurnasirpal_II|{{ image.jpg?​100|}}]]
 +[[http://​cdli.ox.ac.uk/​wiki/​doku.php?​id=banquet_stela_assurnasirpal_II |19. Banquet Stela of Assurnasirpal II]]
-[[http://​cdli.ox.ac.uk/​wiki/​doku.php?​id=reforms_of_urukagina|16. The Reforms of UruKAgina]] +Assurnasirpal II boasts of the lavish feast he threw for tens of thousands of guests to celebrate the inauguration of his new capital. [[banquet_stela_assurnasirpal_II|More information...]]
-[[reforms_of_urukagina|{{ http://​cdli.ox.ac.uk/​images/​P222607_detail.jpg?100}}]]+
-The Sumerian king Urukagina shows he is a just ruler, describing in this document a number of legal and social reforms - including a debt cancellation. [[reforms_of_urukagina|More information...]] +//​Artifact//: ​Stele\\  
- +//​Provenience//: ​Nimrud\\  
-//​Artifact//: ​Clay cone\\  +//​Period//: ​Neo-Assyrian ​(ca. 911-612 BC)\\  
-//​Provenience//: ​Girsu, modern Tello\\  +//Current location//: ​British ​Museum, ​London\\ 
-//​Period//: ​ED IIIb (ca. 2500-2340)\\  +
-//Current location//: ​Louvre ​Museum, ​Paris\\ ​  +
-\\ +
 ---- ----
-[[http://​cdli.ox.ac.uk/​wiki/​doku.php?​id=architecte_au_plan|17. Architecte au Plan]] 
-[[architecte_au_plan|{{ http://​cdli.ox.ac.uk/​images/​p431884detail.jpg?​100}}]] 
-On this inscribed statue, seated king Gudea holds in his lap a drawn plan of Ningirsu'​s temple ​[[architecte_au_plan|More information...]]+[[http://​cdli.ox.ac.uk/​wiki/​doku.php?​id=largest_account_archaic_period|20The Largest Account of the Archaic Period]] 
 +[[http://​cdli.ox.ac.uk/​wiki/​doku.php?​id=largest_account_archaic_period|{{ :sb2801.jpg?100}}]]
-//​Artifact//:​ Stone statue\\  +An almost completely preserved clay-tablet in proto-Elamite from ancient Susa inscribed with a complicated account.[[largest_account_archaic_period|More information...]]
-//​Provenience//:​ Girsu, modern Tello\\  +
-//Period//: Lagash II (ca. 2200-2100 BC)\\  +
-//Current location//: Louvre Museum, Paris (AO 2)\\  ​+
-----+//​Artifact//:​ Clay tablet\\  
 +//​Provenience//:​ Susa, modern Shush\\  
 +//Period//: Proto-Elamite (ca. 3300-3000 BC)\\  
 +//Current location//: Louvre Museum, Paris (Sb 2801)\\ ​
-[[http://​cdli.ox.ac.uk/​wiki/​doku.php?​id=umma_lagash_border_conflict|18. The Umma-Lagash border conflict]] 
-[[umma_lagash_border_conflict|{{ http://​cdli.ox.ac.uk/​images/​P222532_detail.jpg?​100}}]] 
-A series of conflicts over land and irrigation rights, between two neighbouring city-states in Early Dynastic Mesopotamia. [[umma_lagash_border_conflict|More information...]] 
-//​Artifact//:​ Clay cone\\ ​ 
-//​Provenience//:​ Girsu, modern Tello\\ ​ 
-//Period//: ED IIIb (ca. 2500-2340)\\ ​ 
-//Current location//: [[http://​www.louvre.fr/​en/​oeuvre-notices/​cone-enmetena-king-lagash|Louvre Museum, Paris]]\\ ​ 
-[[http://​cdli.ox.ac.uk/​wiki/​doku.php?​id=ebla_sign_list|19. The Ebla "​Sign-list"​]]\\ 
-[[ebla_sign_list|{{ image.jpg?​100}}]] 
-A key to the pronunciation of cuneiform signs from the third millennium B.C.. [[ebla_sign_list|More information...]] 
-//​Artifact//:​ Clay tablet\\ ​ 
-//​Provenience//:​ Ebla\\ ​ 
-//Period//: ED IIIb (ca. 2500-2340)\\ ​ 
-//Current location//: National Museum of Syria, Idlib\\ ​ 
-[[letter_tushratta_amenhotep|{{ image.jpg?​100|}}]] 
-[[http://​cdli.ox.ac.uk/​wiki/​doku.php?​id=letter_tushratta_amenhotep |20. EA 17, a letter of the Mitannian king Tushratta to Pharaoh Amenhotep III]] 
-In which Tushratta of Mittanni presents Pharaoh Amenhotep III with booty from the land of Hatti. [[letter_tushratta_amenhotep|More information...]] 
-//​Artifact//:​ Clay tablet\\ ​ 
-//​Provenience//:​ Amarna\\ ​ 
-//Period//: Middle Babylonian (ca. 1400-1000 BC)\\  
-//Current location//: British Museum, London (BM 29792)\\ ​ 
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