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cdli:wiki is a collaborative project of members of the French CNRS team ArScAn-HAROC (Nanterre), and staff and students in the Faculty of Oriental Studies at the University of Oxford, with contributors in several different countries. The cdli:wiki is currently funded by the Cluster (LabEx) Pasts in the Present through the project "Digital humanities and Assyriology".

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What's new in cdli:wiki?

  • The Neo Assyrian Eponyms
    Return to Assyrian Eponyms (limmu) The Neo Assyrian Eponyms Secondary sources * H. Baker, Post-Canonical Eponyms of the Neo-Assyrian Empire, Internet Project * Collective, The Prosopography of the Neo-Assyrian Empire, Vol. 1, Part. I, A. The Neo-Assyrian Text Corpus Project, Helsinki, 1998, especially p. xviii-xx for the post-canonical eponyms.
  • Assyrian Eponyms (limmu)
    Return to Rulers of Mesopotamia Assyrian Eponyms (limmu) On traduit généralement par "éponyme", le terme akkadien limmu, qui désigne un dignitaire donnant son nom à l'année en cours. Le système des éponymes est une institution typiquement assyrienne. En place à Aššur dès le début du IIe millénaire, il permet de désigner les différentes années de règne d'un souverain. L'éponyme est alors peut-être désigné par un tirage au sort,
  • Rulers of Mesopotamia
    Rulers of Mesopotamia Introduction This section of cdli:wiki lists rulers within their dynasties, and give as far as possible lists of their regnal years. Each dynasty or section is introduced by a short discussion of the system of dating used and the reign of the ruler or dynasty.
  • Chronology & Dates
    Chronology & Dates Periodisation (archaeological, philological, historical) Introduction to topic goes here * Modern chronological methods * Ancient chronological methods * Chronological periodisation in CDLI Rulers of Mesopotamia Introduction to topic goes here. * Rulers of Mesopotamia Calendars (month names) Introduction to topic goes here
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