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cdli:wiki is a collaborative project of members of the French CNRS team ArScAn-HAROC (Nanterre), and staff and students in the Faculty of Oriental Studies at the University of Oxford, with contributors in several different countries. The cdli:wiki is currently funded by the Cluster (LabEx) Pasts in the Present through the project "Digital humanities and Assyriology".

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What's new in cdli:wiki?

  • Abbreviations for Assyriology - [V]
    A: tablets in the collections of the Oriental Institute, Univ. of Chicago A2: lex. series a2 = idu A-tablet: lexical text, see MSL 13 10ff. Ä & L: Ägypten und Levante (Wien) Aa: lex. series a2 || A = naqu; MSL 14, 201ff. AAA: Annals of Archaeology and Anthropology (Liverpool 1908 -1948)
  • Numbers & Metrology in the 1st millennium - [Late Babylonian weights and measures]
    (Return to Numbers & Metrology) Late Babylonian weights and measures Sources: For the late Babylonian period, a large account of tablets have been excavated in main cities of the southern Mesopotamia (Babylon, Borsippa, Kiš, Nippur, Sippar, Ur, Uruk, etc). For the period which provided the bulk of the material (from the rising of the Chaldean dynasty during the late 7th B.C. to the early 5th B.C. when Babylonia revolted against Xerxes) around 19 000 texts are directly available for scholars, a…
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