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cdli:wiki represents the efforts of CDLI staff and collaborators to offer Assyriological tools for specialists in cuneiform studies, general content for informal learners, and information about the work flow of the project.

cdli:wiki is currently undergoing major revisions.

The articles will be arranged under five main categories placed in the navigation bar on the left: writing and language, history and chronology, archaeology, science and religion, and tools and resources. In the main column below we have placed a news feed (RSS) displaying recently added and updated articles from cdliwiki.

Important tools such as lists of year names and eponyms are found under the section "Chronology". Bibliographical resources, such as Abbreviations for Assyriology, are found under "Bibliographical tools".

added tools for the study of proto-Elamite in response to BBC story

What's new in cdli:wiki?

  • Abbreviations for Assyriology - [N]
    A: tablets in the collections of the Oriental Institute, Univ. of Chicago A2: lex. series a2 = idu Ä & L: Ägypten und Levante (Wien) Aa: lex. series a2 || A = naqu; MSL 14, 201ff. AAA: Annals of Archaeology and Anthropology (Liverpool 1908 -1948)
  • the_old_elamite_treaty_of_naram-sin - created
    The Treaty of Naram-Sin This royal treaty between Old Akkadian king Naram-Sin and an unnamed Elamite ruler is one of the oldest and most important witnesses for Old Elamite language, written in an Old Akkadian ductus. The document begins by invoking the names of Elamite gods, and includes also a few Sumerian and Akkadian deities. Old Elamite is poorly understood, and the text presents many difficulties, but since Scheil’s initial publication, one particularly important line has been often quo…
  • Royal praise poetry and compositions with a historical background
    The objective here is to provide links to the CDLI catalogue sources for the literary works given by ETCSL. The notes also tie the etcsl catalogue numbers to the corresponding Q-catalogue numbers (used in CDLI as composite id's). In principle, the etcsl web-pages list the cuneiform sources for each of the literary works considered. However, in practice, there are sometimes difficulties in relating the sources listed by etcsl to those in the CDLI catalogue and so notes are included considering so…
  • Recent Publications in Assyriology - [2013]
    2014 Oxford Handbooks Title: M. L. Steiner and A. E. Killebrew (eds) The Oxford Handbook of the Archaeology of the Levant : c. 8000-332 BCE Oxford University Press, Oxford, 2014. Keywords: archaeology - material culture - Near East Abstract: This Handbook aims to serve as a research guide to the archaeology of the Levant, an area situated at the crossroads of the ancient world that linked the eastern Mediterranean, Anatolia, Mesopotamia, and Egypt. The Levant as used here is a historical geo…
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