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Archaeological Periodisation

Periodisation Schemes

Date (BC)TraditionalAlternativeARCANEChicago System (Diyala Region)Palaeographic Period
~3500 to ~3100Late UrukUruk IVESM 1Protoliterate B
~3100 to ~2900Jemdet NasrUruk IIIESM 2Protoliterate C-D
~2900 to ~2700Early Dynastic IESM 3Late Protoliterate DArchaic (Ur texts)
~2700 to ~2600Early Dynastic IIuncertain
~2600 to ~2500Early Dynastic IIIaESM 4aFara (Fara and and Abu Salabikh texts)
~2500 to 2334Early Dynastic IIIbProtoimperialESM 4b
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