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Led final destructive raid on Elam.

Chronolgy of his reign 1):

669 Esarhaddon died on the way to Egypt; Ashurbanipal ascended the throne in Assyria

668 Šamaš-šum-ukin ascended the throne in Babylonia

667 campaign against Arwad; campaign against Egypt; campaign against Elam

666-665 campaign against Lydia

666-663 campaign against Egypt

664 campaign against Elam

662 campaign against Tyre; campaign against Arwad; campaign against Tabal; campaign against Hilakku

660 campaign against the Mannaeans

658 campaign against the Medes

657 campaign against Urartu

655 wall of Aššur rebuilt

654 bed of Marduk returned to Babylon

653 campaign against Elam

652-648 rebellion of Šamaš-šum-ukin

650 campaign against Elam; campaign against Arabs; siege of Babylon

649 work on the wall of Niniveh

648 campaign against Elam

647 campaign against Elam

646 building work at Niniveh

645 campaign against Elam

644 campaign against Lydia; campaign against Arabs

643 campaign against Elam; campaign against Urartu

641 campaign against Cyrus, campaign against Hudimiru

640 campaign against Dugdamme

639 building work at Babylon


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according to Grayson 1981a
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