Lagash II Calendar

The month names for the Lagash II period at Girsu are almost the same as those used during the early part of the reign of Šulgi (Ur III month names). The main difference is that, in the earlier usage, there is a tendency to include the word ezem, which is usually excluded in later usage.

  • Month 1: ezem GAN2-maš
  • Month 2: ezem gu4-ra2-izi-mu2-mu2
  • Month 3: ezem dli9-si4
  • Month 4: ezem šu numun
  • Month 5: ezem munu4-gu7
  • Month 6: ezem ddumu-zi
  • Month 7: UR
  • Month 8: ezem dba-ba6
  • Month 9: mu-šu-du8
  • Month 10: amar-a-a-si
  • Month 11: še-sag11-ku5
  • Month 12: ezem še-il2-la
  • Month 13: iti 1(uc) 3(dišc)

During this period, Month 9 is written mu-šu-du8 (rather than mu-šu-du7). This variation can also be found after Lagash II. At Girsu, there was a change in name of the 7th month from about the 25 year of Šulgi’s reign, so the month UR was re-named as ezem-{d}šul-gi.

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