Orthographical note: a-kal-la and a-a-kal-la are believed to be orthographic variants of the same name.

A(a)-kala 1

Attested from Shulgi 33 to Shu-Suen 7, month 2; in total 32 years

Family: Member of the Umma Ruling Family, also know as the Governor's family, or the Family of GIRI.NI.

Father: Ur-Nigar, the Chief Cattle Administrator (šuš3)

Wife: Ninheliya


Note that none of A(a)-kala's children held important positions within the Umma administration. It is therefore impossible to assertain wether any of the persons mentioned below were sons of A(a)kala the governor, or any other person from Umma named A(a)kala.

Ur-Gipar (see, for example, MVN 1, 85 [from Shulgi 48]; and MVN 9, 202 [from Shu-Suen 4 i]).

Lu-sa'izu (see, for example, BIN 5, 138 [from Shu-Suen 1]; and MVN 16, 1287 [from Shu-Suen 3]).

Abba (see, for example, MVN 21, 158 [from Shulgi 47 vi]). Abba is only attested in 5 texts from Shulgi 46 and Shulgi 47


Note that prior to becoming governor A(a)kala is most often simply refered to with the generic title dub-sar, literally meaning scribe.

Assistant to the governor from Shulgi 36 to Shulgi 39 "Captain" (nu-banda3) from Shulgi 40 to Amar-Suen 8

Governor of Umma from Amar-Suen 8 to Shu-Suen 7, month 2; in total 9 years

A(a)-kala 2


Father: Lu-Buluga

Brother(s): Nigar-kidu (see UTI 3, 1943)


Note that A(a)-kala uses the short title ašgab about himself, and the "honorary" title ašgab gal about his father. However, using the primary sources there is little doubt that A(a)kala himself held the position as Chief of the Leather Workers.

Chief of the Leather Workers (ašgab gal)

A(a)-kala 3




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