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Year names of Ur-Ningešzida

a. mu ma2-gur8 maš-tab-ba dtišpak-ka ba-dim2
Year: twin boats for Tišpak were made

b. mu us2-sa ma2-gur8 maš-tab-ba dtišpak-ka ba-dim2
Year after: twin boats were made for Tišpak

c. mu urudaalan gub-ba e2-dtišpak-[ka] ba-dim2
Year: a statue (representing the governor) standing was made for the temple of Tišpak

d. mu gešna2! … e2-dtišpak-ka u3 urudaalan e2-dnin-geš-zi-< > ba-dim2
Year: a wooden bed for the temple of Tišpak and a copper statue for the temple of Ningešzida were made

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