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cdli:wiki is a collaborative project of members of the French CNRS team ArScAn-HAROC (Nanterre), and staff and students in the Faculty of Oriental Studies at the University of Oxford, with contributors in several different countries. The cdli:wiki is currently funded by the Cluster (LabEx) Pasts in the Present through the project "Digital humanities and Assyriology".

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  • Ur III metrological systems
    Ur III metrological systems Sources: Scope: Bibliography: Units of weight še grain ca. 0,046 g ↓ ×180 gin2 shekel ca. 8,33 g ↓ ×60 ma-na mina 500 g ↓ ×60 gu2 talent 30 kg Units of capacity gin2
  • Numbers & Metrology in the 4th & 3rd millennium
    Numbers & Metrology in the 4th & 3rd millennium * Uruk * * Susa * * Jemdet Nasr * * ED I-II * * ED III * * Lagaš II * * Akkad * * Ur III
  • Seals and sealings in the ancient Near East - created
    Seals and sealings in the ancient Near East For more than three millennia cylinder seals, which appear to have originated in Southern Mesopotamia or Western Iran, were in constant use across most of the eastern Mediterranean, in every area that cuneiform culture touched. A portable, engraved cylindrical item, it could be rolled over wet clay to seal and mark it. The technology was easily adaptable and so pervasive that it became an essential aspect of various areas of Mesopotamian life: admin…
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