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Directly linked to the Cuneiform Digital Library Initiative, cdli:wiki is a collaborative project of members of the French CNRS team ArScAn-HAROC (Nanterre), and staff and students in the Faculty of Oriental Studies at the University of Oxford, with contributors in several different countries, involved in researches in history of the Ancient Near East. The cdli:wiki is currently funded by the Cluster (LabEx) Pasts in the Present through the project Digital Humanities and Assyriologie.

En lien direct avec le programme international intitulé Cuneiform Digital Library Initiative, cdli:wiki est un projet d’encyclopédie en ligne et d'outils de recherche assyriologique, qui fait collaborer des membres de l'équipe française du CNRS ArScAn-HAROC (Nanterre), et le staff et les étudiants de la Faculty of Oriental Studies de l'Université d'Oxford, avec les contributeurs dans plusieurs autres pays, engagés dans des recherches sur l'histoire du Proche-Orient ancien. Cdli:wiki est financé par le LabEx Les Passés dans le Présent dans le cadre du programme intitulé "Humanités numériques et assyriologie".

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  • Submissions - [Reflectance Transformation Imaging (RTI)]
    New Name "Digitization Guidelines" Submissions The CDLI is a collaborative project with capture and text processing efforts underway in North America, Europe and the Middle East. We adhere to a policy of open access, making our data sets of text and images available over the internet to any user for free. We send scanning teams to collections whenever possible, but travel and personnel costs limit how much we can do. If you are a specialist who has created inscription annotations in the form o…
  • Abbreviations for Assyriology - [Q]
    Abbreviations for Assyriology A A: tablets in the collections of the Oriental Institute, Univ. of Chicago A2: lex. series a2 = idu A-tablet: lexical text, see MSL 13 10ff. Ä & L: Ägypten und Levante (Wien) Aa: lex. series a2 || A = naqu; MSL 14, 201ff.
  • Year Numbers - [Year Numbers]
    Return to Chronology & Dates Year Numbers Introduction to the topic here * Year numbers of Early Dynastic Rulers of Lagaš * Year numbers of rulers of Babylon in the First Millennium BC
  • Les notions de palû et de girru dans les inscriptions royales néo-assyriennes - [Les notions ...
    Return to Chronology & Dates Les notions de palû et de girru dans les inscriptions royales néo-assyriennes Short introduction coming soon * Assyrian palûs * Assyrian girrus Return to Chronology & Dates
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