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Year name of Ur-abba

1. mu ur-ab-ba ensi2 : Year: “Ur-abba is governor”

  • RTC 264 (Girsu) rev. 2.5: mu ur-ab-ba ensi2
  • ITT 4 7573 (Girsu) rev. 3.4: mu# ur#-ab-ba ensi2
  • BPOA 2, 1902 (Girsu) rev. 11: mu ur-[ab]-ba ensi2
  • BM 28688 (Girsu): mu ur-ab-ba énsi

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Note also the following which include the words ur-ab-ba ensi2

In addition, Muazzez Çig (AOAT 25, p. 78) suggests the possibility of reading AOAT 25, p. 78 10, rev.3-4 as ur-a[b-ba] ensi2. The year name on this tablet corresponds to Ur-Namma year j or Ur-Ningirsu year ca.

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