Rulers of Mesopotamia


This section of cdli:wiki lists rulers within their dynasties, and give as far as possible lists of their regnal years. Each dynasty or section is introduced by a short discussion of the system of dating used and the reign of the ruler or dynasty.
All dates used here are BC, following the conventional middle chronology.
Data from the Marcel Sigrist/Peter Damerow site Mesopotamian Year Names (also downloadable at CDLI Year Names) are being moved to these pages.

Rulers of Babylonia

Beginning with the Dynasty of Sargon, years in Babylonia were named according to important events. Usually, an event in the preceding year was used to name the year. Prior to the Sargonic dynasty years of a ruler were numbered. From the time of the Kassite rulers of Babylonia (Middle Babylonian Period) years were again dated according to number, with the first year of a ruler following the accession year.

Rulers of Assyria

In Assyria years were dated according to the names of officials holding a particular office called limmu. From the Middle Assyrian Period, the King of Assyria would hold this office himself in his xth year. Lists exists that give the names of the limmu officials for extended periods of time (for such lists see here).

Rulers of ancient Syria

Rulers of Elam

Rulers of Anatolia

Persian and Seleucid Rulers

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